Top Tips for Traveling With Toddlers

Do you know the one question that I am asked when it comes to parenting tips and advice? How do you travel with a toddler? Try as they may, all of the parents who ask me this question only have nightmare stories to tell.

With so many parents asking for such targeted advice, I thought it would be a great idea to prepare a post with my top tips for traveling with toddlers.

What’s the Plan?

This should not be a question that anybody in your traveling party should be asking you when you arrive to take the plane.

A few days before, sit down and consider the logistics of the adventure you about to undertake. Times such as:

  • Ride to the airport
  • Any connecting flights/in transit time
  • Flight time
  • Shuttle to your hotel
  • Time between arriving and checking in
  • Transport between vacation activities

These are all times where your child will need to be entertained or sleeping.

While you can’t always determine their sleep, you can help to keep them entertained during these times. Remember, you yourself don’t enjoy being squashed into the back of a cab as you drive a bumpy road from the airport, either. There‚Äôs no reason a toddler would.

Speaking of Entertainment

If you aren’t preloading all of your mobile devices then you are wasting valuable entertainment opportunities. An old iPhone as an example can a great way to give your children an entertainment-only device which is preloaded with music or TV shows they enjoy.… Read More . . .